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To create your account choose the “Register” link on the header navigational bar or use any of the links available on the home page.

When registering you will be asked to complete a short form which includes standard information such as your contact details, preferred login credentials etc. Two types of accounts are available one for financial institution and the other for regular users. The difference between the two is that only financial institutions are able to take CASH deposits.

Mandatory fields include:-

· Name

· City

· State/Province/county

· Zip/Post Code

· Phone Number

· Birthday

· Username & Password

· E-Mail address

· Confirmation of terms an conditions acceptance

Once registered you will receive E-Mail confirmation.

Should you encounter any registration difficulties please contact us.

Placing a bid on an item you are interested in couldn’t be easier, when viewing the item details page you will have two areas from where you can place your bid, one next to the item details and a second at the bottom of the page.

To place your bid simply enter the amount you wish to bid e.g. 50.00. Please note no currency symbols are required. The bid will be placed in the auction currency. The interest rate will be calculated automatically based on an annual basis (365 days).

Once done you will be asked to review your bid and you will also be able to view vital item details such as the transfer conditions before confirming your bid. To submit your bid simply press the “Place Bid” button.

If your bid is high enough to take the lead in the auction a confirmation message will be displayed to you, however if your bid has not taken the lead be it due to a higher proxy bid or not meeting the reserve price you will be invited to make a further bid.

Should you decide to retract your bid this can be done via the “Current Bids” section of the member’s area.

You can also place a proxy bid, proxy bidding allows you to place your “High Bid”. At all times you will only pay the lowest required bid should you win the auction. For example, if the current bid on an auction is 500.00 you can place a proxy bid of 2,000. Should you remain the only bidder you will only pay 500.00. However should the item receive other bids the site will automatically re-bid for you (upto 2,000 in this scenario) to ensure you remain in the lead.

To list your deposit simply click on the “Offer” link found on the header navigational bar. The listing process is split up into several main sections, notably:-

  • Category selection
  • Item Details
  • Auction Settings
  • Transfer and Payment
  • Listing preview
  • Listing confirmation
  • Payment of listing fees

The listing process is developed in such a way that you are guided through every step seamlessly.

The first part of the process is to choose the category you wish to list your item in, this can be revised at any time by using the “Previous Step” navigation button. Categories are divided into Days of Deposits, Type of Deposits (cash or securities).

Step two enables you to enter the description, a full wysiwyg editor is in place to enable you to use HTML descriptions. The Item Title has been disable so that all items will be consistent. There is also the input for Deposit Value - you need to input the value of the deposits (ie in dollar or other currency). For securities, you need to multiply the current share price and units to convert to value. They must be within the range given in the categories (eg 1-999, 1000-9999 as selected previously).

If you have a voucher code to redeem this can be entered just below the description field. This option may be available from time to time.

Moving on to step three, this is the biggest stage of the listing process. On this step you can set the following:-

· Auction type:-

Standard Auction

This is a single quantity auction

Dutch Auction

Dutch auction enables you to list a multiple quantity auction, for example if you have 100 deposits of same value to offer you can list all of these together in a single lot. Bidders will be able to select how many they wish to bid for.

· Currency:-

You can select your preferred auction currency using the drop down menu available

· Quantity:-

This field is only active if listing a Dutch auction, please see above for an explanation of this listing type

· Auction Starts At:-

This requires you to enter the minimum bid you are willing to accept, you can also set a reserve price to ensure you do not offer the item for this amount. Please see below for more information on this. Our system requires the Interest Income to be your price, ie the interest you expect which will be calculated as a percentage annualised to assist understanding.

· Reserve Price:-

Enabling a reserve price affectively means you will not offer the item for less than the amount set, for example you can set the start price at 5.00 but only accept winning bids over 50.00, should a bid be placed for 49.99 the item will close without a winner.

. Enable Depositee to accept fixed interest request or TakeNow(if available):-

TakeNow allows you to set an amount you are willing to offer the item for – straight out. For example you can set the start price to 10.00 but offer interested parties the option to buy the item immediately for 100.00 (by paying you this fixed interest income).

You can also list TakeNow only auctions, these auctions remove all bidding options meaning the listing can only be purchased for a set amount. To set a buy out only auction you need to set the buy out value to be exactly equal with the start bid.

· Offer-Range (if available):-

You can set a price bracket in which you are willing to listing to offer, for example if you set the price brackets from 15.00 to 100.00 interested parties will be able to offer you an amount within these brackets, you can opt whether to accept or decline these offers at any time via the members area. The range is not visible to the bidders as set by the Administrator.

· Bid increment:-

This option can be used to set your own custom bid increment if preferred.

· Item featuring (if available):-

The following options are available to you (fees may apply), these will highlight your item on site to ensure they reach more visitors:-

§ Home page featured

§ Category featured

§ Bold text

§ Highlighted background

· Set Deposit start/end time:-

You can either opt to list your item right away and set a defined number of days for it to be live for or you also have the option to define your own custom start/end time (which is extra).

· Private Auction:-

Private auction will hide the bidders identity on the item details page

· Image upload:-

There is no image upload

· Media upload:-

There is no media upload

· Auto Re-List

For convenience you can opt to have your items automatically re-listed for you, options are available to allow you to select whether the item should be re-listed if sold and how many re-list attempts should be made.

· Deposit Start

You can select when you will make your deposit from END of Auction date. By default we set this to 2 days (to allow transfer). Obviously if you choose to end your auction early (which is under your control) you can informed the winner that those deposits will only be available from those given dates. Typically if you end an existing deposit arrangement, the Bank may pro-rata your interest to you and/or set a penalty. So is prudent to check with your bank first before terminating existing arrangement.

For Securities Deposit Only

This section is for those listing Securities for deposits. Because this item is offered to all (including non-financials institutions. mum and pops operators) as there is no insurance for this type of deposits, you may need to consider whether to ask for some collateral.

Accept SWAP offers.

By enabling this option, swap offers such as securities, interest, shares, currencies or financial instruments will be accepted for interest earned and or principal. You can always negotiate before acceptance. This method is best for those wishing to are familiar with swap agreements

On the next step you can set your transfer and payment preferences.

Proceeding on, you can then review the listing and make changes if required, please note you can still edit your listing once live via the members area.

The final step provides you with listing confirmation and pay a fee to us for listing.

If the option is available you can use “Take Now” to accept the item immediately without having to place a bid. Some depositors offer such an option which can be used at any time until a bid has been placed over any applicable reserve price.

The “Take Now” option will appear on the item details page, you will be asked to confirm your intention to Take Now the item before the acceptance is concluded. Buy Now’s cannot be retracted.

The auction watch features notifies you of newly listed auctions which contain keywords you have chosen. For example you could enter in those keywords from within your members area area. Each time a new auction is listed containing those keywords you will be notified via email.

The item watch features lets you keep a close eye on any auction without having to place a bid on it. This feature means you can be kept up to date on how an auction is doing and prepares you to place a winning last minute bid. You can watch any auction by clicking on the “Watch this item” link on any auction page.

This is an approximation only based on 360 days
You need to input the same amount in the auction price and fixed price, the system will recognise this as a FIXED price only. Otherwise you will need to put a fixed price (takeout) higher than the auction price to begin auction. The depositee will be able to take your deposit by accepting the fixed price and auction will end.