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Listed in category : 180 days Deposit > Cash > 10000 - 99999

   180 days Deposit > Cash > 10000 - 99999 Item number : 100536   

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You must be registered in order to be able to bid.

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Current Bid - (0%PA)
Start Bid AUD 900.00 (3.60%PA )
Quantity 1
# Bids 0
Deposit Value/
Principal Amt
AUD 50,000.00
Current Financial Institution NAB
Deposit Start Date Jun. 09, 2022
Deposit End Date Dec. 06, 2022
Location 2222, New South Wales
Country Australia
Time Left 2022-06-07 1:05:14 GMT-05:00
Start Time May. 10, 2022 01:05:14
End Time Jun. 07, 2022 01:05:14
Status Closed
Winner(s) N/A
Meet the Depositor-Offeror
testbaby (0) Verified Depositor-Offeror
Registered since Oct. 11, 2013
in United Kingdom
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Happy to buy BTC by swapping HALF of my deposit at AUD 50K per BTC. That is where BTC go to AUD 50K I will swap 25K from my deposit for your BTC. How much will you pay me to take this risk ? on top of regular interest rate for my deposit of AUD 50K. My start bid at AUD 900 for AUD 50K over 180 days (3.6% PA). Given the current interest rate is less than 0.1% PA, this means at least 3.5% is due to the BTC option which is really a put. I think that is a good deal. The fair value of a put for BTC over 180 days at SD of 35% at risk free rate of 0.1% , current price is AUD 60K, exercise AUD 50K is AUD 1700. I am asking only 900. You do the maths and see if this is worth your time. A system where one can earn a regular deposit rate for at least half of the deposit and the other earning a put option value. This is the same had I put a limit buy at AUD 50K for the next 180 days.
OPTIONAL SWAP Deposits for other Assets up to maturity at a fixed price.
>> Depositor acknowledges that Deposit SWAPPING is at Depositor's own risk under following terms.  
I want to swap my deposits for Securities/Assets listed below. Preference: Swap up to 50% of Deposit  
Securities/Asset SWAP Deposits for : BTC  
At this PRICE SWAP at this Price per Security/Asset: 50000  
Risk Premium to enable this SWAP Bank/Depositee to pay Depositor: Any reasonable Offer subject to Depositor's approval in writing  
Acknowledgement of Risk and Agreement Depositor Agrees to above terms  
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The poster , testbaby , assumes all responsibility for the contents of this listing