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About Us

Depositoffer.com is invented by KH Kwan aka Chris Kwan (cir 2000) and is patented in the US.

We are NOT a financial institution nor do we take any deposits. We are merely an auction facilitator.

This is to say the design is complicated as it reverses the traditional role where banks dictate the interest costs by empowering the depositors to participate in this process by offering deposits for auction. The challenge here is to establish more transparency through competitive bidding combine with customisation depending on their risks profile and appetite. The system is designed to collect data from actual transactions. For beginners it is best that you start out with deposits first, then shares swap etc. Please be aware there are at least 5000 Financial Institutions in the US alone, and many more around the world, and just like you are buying and selling stuff on the net, the important thing is to be careful. I will be auditing those Financial Institutions as they applied to be a member to bid but there is no guarantee, no-one can predict whether a banker will be a rouge trader, not even Goldman Sach or Barings, JP Morgan could. So if you feel uncomfortable report this to us and action will be taken.

Other products that enhances transparency under the flagship (bankguru.com) will be coming on board soon where funding permits.