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I have added bitcoin (and others will be followed soon) as it is unregulated under Virtual Currencies. This means it is anyone can bid to accept BTC. I have limit this to 30 days given the volatility. Obviously, you need to know who the taker (borrower/depositee) is and get a clear indication whether he will pay you in BTC or other currencies (the system is setup to receive BTC but you can use the swap option). I decided on this as I know many bitcoin owners are merely sitting on their bitcoins which is a shame as a currency in order to be accepted must be circulated in the economy (remember multiplier effect from econ 101 ?). So why not. As usual caution to whom you are lending to (make sure at least 6 blocks have passed ie 2 hours and longer) before passing the BTC. As you know BTC is not a fiat currencies so you should be extra careful to include a loan agreement, if you have difficulty ask me for a sample. The best ones are usually along the terms of a credit card. There is another website btcjam.com which is also offering the same but recently have been hit by defaulters/scammers. Obviously people lose their BTC. Depositoffer is different as we do not hold your BTC and you deal directly with the borrower (in btcjam, the website deals with the borrowers). The obvious point here is that as the lender/depositor you can sue in your own name to get your BTC back but in btcjam you are limited to an Arbitration Award. The latter has no enforcement effect, ie you need to go to court to get a judgment before you can enforce and enforcement by itself is something that I am well acquainted with as I am a lawyer. Its not cheap, so I would not lend any money to anyone unless, I know their identity, where they live, their income, video chat with them (record it) and so on. As lender, your rights is protected by the contract so you need to make sure you get this correct and you can bring someone to Court. In my experience, is very likely this someone will pay once they are summoned to Court because the alternative is court expenses and blacklisting by credit companies which extracts court's records.

If you are unfamiliar with BTC workings please have a look at this video which I find is the easiest for anyone wishing look under the BTC hood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lx9zgZCMqXE
Personally, if you are not experience with BTC stayed away until you are knowledgeable.